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• PLEASE label every costume, tight, shoe, and accessory with your child’s name!!!
• Pack a recital box!  Clear tubs with lids work great.  Organization is very important for dress
rehearsal and recital, especially for older dancers who are in several numbers.  Boxes should
include all accessories for each dance, all shoes, hairspray, bobby pins, safety-pins, tissues,
make-up, extra tights, band-aids, camera for backstage shots, healthy snacks and bottled water.  
Younger dancers may want to bring coloring books or games to help occupy the time backstage.  
(No markers!)  Costumes should be on hangers, not stuffed inside.

• All dancers should be ready and signed into their dressing area 30 minutes before the recital
begins.  Take a moment before leaving your child to make sure all costumes and accessories
are easy to find.
• Dancers should come dressed in their first costume according to the program.  Have all other
costumes on hangers in the order of the performance.
• Stage mothers will keep your child safe and occupied until you sign them out AFTER the curtain
call.  Dancers will not be allowed to leave without their parent’s signature.  Remember we have a
large number of dancers we are responsible for and will need at various times during the show.  
Safety is our main concern.
• All hair and make-up should be uniform.  I will discuss hair styles with you before the rehearsal.  
Without proper make-up, the lights will white out your child’s face.  Make-up should include:
natural foundation set with powder, blush to highlight the cheekbones, eye shadow, eyeliner,
mascara, and lipstick.  Lip shades in darker reds work best.
• NO PANTIES should be worn with any costume!!  They are built into the tights.  No white bras
allowed.  If needed, choose a nude color with clear straps, or you may order a body tight from me.

• Stage Mothers and Fathers are one of the most important parts of the show!!  In appreciation
for helping backstage, you will receive one free ticket for the night of your choice.  
• Stage helpers should bring items such as games, coloring books, videos, or other forms of
entertainment for the smaller dancers.  Also, it is helpful to have extra hairspray, bobby and
safety pins, and other tricks of the trade that might come in handy for last minute emergencies.  
We also ask the stage helpers to help keep our dressing rooms clean and to clean your room
after the final performance on Sunday.
• A runner will come to get your group before it is time for them to perform.  You may quietly
watch your group perform from backstage.
• Please consider being a stage helper for one night.  We cannot have a safe and productive
show without you!!  To guarantee your space, sign up on the posted sign in sheet as soon as
possible, or check the appropriate space on the ticket order form.

• Tickets will be $5.00 this year and will go on sale May 4.
•  We urge you to order your tickets early.  You may do so by filling out the ticket envelope.  
Extra envelopes will be available in the waiting room.  Indicate on the envelope how many tickets
you would like for each night, and include your payment.  Place your envelope in the tuition box.  
Do not seal the envelope.  Your tickets will be returned to you in it during dress rehearsal.  
Tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

• We will be taking orders for T-shirts only through April 15.  We hope to have them by dress
rehearsal.  T-shirts will not be ordered without prepayment.  There will be no reorders this year.  
Also, we will not be ordering extra, so if parents are interested in ordering a shirt, please do so at
this time.  The T-shirt will have the recital theme on the front, and every dancer’s name will be
listed on the back.  They are a wonderful keepsake and are available for $15.00.
• We will be selling recital DVDs this year.  They are available to you at a cost of $20.00.  We will
be taking orders during dress rehearsal and at the recital.  No DVD will be ordered without
prepayment.  Flash photography during dress rehearsal will not be allowed and no photography
or video recording will be allowed during recital.
• Recital DVDs will be available for pick up during our annual Registration day on August 2, 2011.
• You may bring flowers or other dance trinkets as a special gift to your dancer.  We will again
have flowers and a few dance items available in the lobby for your convenience.
• The dancers have worked very hard this year and deserve the greatest respect and honor for
their achievements.  Feel free to applaud, stand, and cheer at the conclusion of their dances.  
They want you to have a wonderful experience as well.  Please help us to maintain a positive
environment during the performance.
• Thanks for all your help and support this year!  Let’s have a great show!
Recital 101
Important details and helpful hints for all dancers and their parents.

The Dance Centre 2010-2011 dance showcase,
Walking on Sunshine will be held at the Kohn Theatre on the University of the Cumberlands
campus on Friday, May 27 at 7:00 p.m.
Saturday, May 28, and Sunday, May 29 at 4:00 p.m.